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Public services focus of the site
Services on the Cernavoda Town Hall website are mainly focused on Cernavoda citizens, but useful information for tourists are also provided, and a special English version of the page was created for foreign visitors. Citizens and tourists can easily find everything about the Town Authorities, organizational structure of the Town Hall, legislative acts, resolutions of the Town Council, Town Hall projects, city annual budget, latest news, forms, contacts, etc. There are separate links to tourism and investors web portals for better servicing their need for specific information.

Public services objectives of this web site:
*** Useful and updated information from the administration
Information on the web site are continuously updated.
The structure and navigation have been made clearer, so the users can easily find and read what they want from the large amount of information available.

*** Local community involvement in public administration
One of the Town Hall objectives is to involve citizens into the discussions of the projects. The municipality publishes the projects that are going to be discussed in the Town Council meeting in a special section of this site. All the members of the community can now express their opinion regarding the Town Hall projects published on site by sending on-line their comments and proposals to a responsible municipality specialist, special designated for this activity.

*** Reduction of bureaucracy and time saving
On the websites it is possible to find, download and print all necessary documents and forms on specific themes.
When the current legislation will be modified or new legislation approved, it will enable us to accept applications that have been submitted by e-mail. Furthermore, the citizens who have been submitted an application to the Town Hall, and are waiting for an answer for their request or an authorization, can now find out the current status of their application (approved, unapproved, still working) and it's exact location (the clerk who is actually analyzing the application). This is possible by the implementation of a new Document Management Program in the Town Hall, which allow electronic archive, monitoring of all registered applications and documents and soon will allow electronic signature.

*** Improved Communication between citizens and administration
Citizens can very easily find the working program, e-mail address, telephone number and office address of any Town Hall clerk and they can send their questions to the administration via e-mail. Within the administration, information can be accessed quicker. For emergencies, the Town Hall offers a hot-line.

*** Transparency of public administration
Visitors can find complete information about the Town Hall (organization schema, Town Hall offices and contacts, declarations of interests of all the city clerks, working program, Mayor's biography, annual budget and tax system, annual Town Hall newsletter) and also about the Town Council (the political structure of the Town Council, declaration of interest of all Town Counselors, Town Council Decisions, working program). All the achievements and projects are described in detail, for citizens to know and understand how the Town Hall improved the town life. The latest news in public administration are published on the main page, also available in XML format, and citizens or other web sites may subscribe to receive the information.

*** Availability and accessibility:
It is planned to make the offered web page services more user-friendly for those who are blind or partially sighted. Information is to be offered in several different languages as soon as possible.
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